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Saturday, July 11

Sponsored by AFCY

La Vieille Ville, quelle histoire! Alison est-elle capable d’inventer et d’illustrer une histoire en seulement une heure? Can Alison draw invent a story and illustrate it in only one hour? Not without your help! Join her on Zoom and help brainstorm an Old Town kids’ story.

Episode 1. The ‘Rusted Junk Special’

Watch a full musical set by a Yellowknife artist.

Watch a full musical set by a Yellowknife artist.

Watch a full musical set by a Yellowknife artist.

Sunday, July 12

Catherine Lafferty will be talking about Lessard Road, a very brief history of the Rex Cafe building and ownership. Catherine Lafferty, Katłįà (Katlee-ah) renowned author and poet grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories where she was primarily raised by her grandmother who taught her Dene culture and traditions. Katłįà’s first novel, a memoir called Northern Wildflower was published in the fall of 2018, and she has a highly anticipated full-length composite novel being released in the fall of 2020 entitled “Land-Water-Sky”, she is also currently in the final stages of completing a fictional novel based on true events that expose the corruption behind the housing crisis within First Nations communities in the North.

Monday, July 13

Each 10 minute webisode of Caribou Stew focuses on an aspect of northern indigenous culture and is intended for kids and families. In the first episode, Miranda and he Beaver learn about beaver fur mittens! In episode 3, Miranda and Beaver get the scoop on poop - animal poop that is... and we can learn about animals from their scat! Each episode finishes with a catchy sing along song! You can find her at http://www.mirandacurrie.ca 

For the Ramble and Ride festival, CDETNO will produce a humorous video explaining the mini-contest created by the organization. In the video, I, Sira, will ask 10 questions related to the Francophonie in Canada and in the world to the online participants. For a chance to win, people have to submit their ten responses to the 10 questions asked via the email displayed on the video with their first & last name, email address, and telephone number.

Tuesday, July 14

Walking in Two Worlds follows the story of Chloe Dragon-Smith, a young Metis woman from the small northern city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She is of Chipewyan and European heritage. Chloe grew up close to her Indigenous cultural values and learned traditional skills for living on the land. This northern upbringing shaped her values today.

Thursday, July 16

Ride by Music Video

Friday, July 17

Episode 2. WILD Women episode.

Ride by Music Video

Monday, July 20

A collection of animated and live action short stories. Featuring puppets from outer space, music, dance, arts and crafts workshops, silliness and adventure. Made by Ashley Daw and Aidan McMahon in collaboration with the Foster Family Coalition.

Tuesday, July 21

Starting back in early April when the pandemic first hit, we decided to create something with our friends to distract from the chaos and be collectively creative. Out of that came the CO-VIDeo Quest, a communal film project revolving around a tennis ball we called the “Globe of Hope” that needs to find its way back home. We filmed the beginning and end with our friends from Absurd Turd Media, Amoral House of Cards and The Snowking Winter Festival and the submissions make up the middle. This was pure joy to make and it gave us the creative distraction we all very much needed. It premiered in Yellowknife on April 8, 2020, at Yellowknife’s first Drive-In Movie experience!

Check the Ecology North newsletter for details and a supply list

Friday, July 24

Episode 3. Ramblin ‘Round

Sunday, July 26

A limited supply of 20 pre cut blank fish cutouts will be available in advance to first come first serve. $10 each, limit one per family. *Will post on FaceBook when and where they will be available. Sponsored by AFCY

A Story about the origins of the Kazoo and A Princess living in the mountains where her ancestors have played all kinds of music for centuries, but this princess can’t find her instrument. Soon she finds herself faced with a harsh group full of bitterness among her people, and her conflicting desires to be apart from the group and to be true to herself. Nick will give an interactive performance for kids

Monday, July 27

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Tuesday, July 28

A collection of claymation and stop motion animations made by youth from all over the territory

Friday, July 31

“2 Meet’er Bike Rally” @ 6pm

Dress to impress. Hosted by Old Town Bike Works. Meeting at Old Town Parking lot and biking around Old Town, less than one hour. For more info contact Old Town Bike Works

Episode 4. The Honey Bucket Revue Pt. 1

Saturday, Aug 1

Musical Performances

Sponsored by AFCY

Festival Headliner / Juno Award Winner!

Sunday, Aug 2

Colouring contest winner announced!

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