Passport to Old Town - The Virtual Edition

Back by popular demand is the Passport to Old Town for your chance to SHOP, EAT, STAY, & PLAY in Old Town, Yellowknife. The ideal staycation!




Answer correctly a minimum of 20 out of a possible 33 trivia questions provided by participating Old Town businesses posted in the schedule and online.

Submit your answers to no later than August 2nd, 5:00pm to have your name entered for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE!

Fillable answer form is available at

One completed entry per email and per person.


Grand Prize! Extraordinary shopping spree in Old Town!!! Including $2,450.00 in Gift Cards for these Old Town businesses:


Ahmic Air - One private 30 minute Charter for up to 5 people onboard one of Ahmic Air’s iconic de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Aircraft during Summer - $450 value

Air Tindi- $200 gift card

Down to Earth Gallery - $200 gift card

Gallery of the Midnight Sun-$200 gift card*July 31 to Aug 2 -20%off store wide

Old Town Glassworks & Bikeworks - $200 gift card

Bullocks Bistro - $200 gift card

NWT Brewing Co. - $200 gift card

Sundog Adventures - $200 gift card

Dancing Moose & Bayside Breakfast - $200 in gift cards

Old Town Cabins - $200 gift card

Weaver & Devore Trading Ltd. - $200 gift card



Trivia Questions:


Ahmic Air

  1. What does Ahmic mean?

  2. How many Beavers does Ahmic Air operate?

  3. What years were Ahmic’s Beavers made?


Air Tindi

  1. What does “Tindi” mean?

  2. When did Air Tindi start?

3. How many communities does Air Tindi service with scheduled service flights?

Down to Earth Gallery

  1. Who are 3 artists who sell their artwork at Down to Earth Gallery?

  2. Name two types of material used in the creation of fine crafts and sold at the gallery?

  3. What is the name of the studio located in the back of the gallery?

Gallery of the Midnight Sun

  1. I watch over the till and impress with my rack! Who am I?

  2. I’m clever and white as the Arctic snow as I watch over beautiful beaded jewellery. Who am I?

  3. I might scare you as you enter but I have no bark or bite. Who am I?


Old Town Glassworks & Bikeworks

  1. What is the unusual structure behind Old Town Glassworks and what is it used for? 

  2. What year was Old Town Glassworks founded in?

  3. Besides selling beautiful refurbished glassware what other operation is Old Town Glassworks known for?


Bullocks Bistro

  1. Name one of the fish meals we serve at Bullocks Bistro.

  2. There is a mural on our garbage can, what is it?

  3. The Bullocks Bistro building was originally a general store built in 1936. What was the name of that store?

NWT Brewing Co.

  1. What are our 5 main beers? (Hint all are served in our 500ml bottles)

  2. What does our Imperial Stout "#D21" stand for?

  3. What is our Porter conditioned with? (Hint: it's not CO2)


Sundog Adventures

  1. What ages are Sundog Adventures Day Camp For Kids offered to?

  2. What Old Town operator did Sundog Adventures partner with to offer the Fly-In Shore Lunch?

3. What are the names of the first two dogs Richard and Christine adopted from the NWT SPCA to start Sundog Adventures?


Dancing Moose & Bayside Breakfast

  1. Describe our logo

  2. What are we famous for?

  3. What are the colours of our business building?

Old Town Cabins

  1. How many Cabins does Old Town Log Cabins have?

  2. What type of statue stands beside Cabin #1

  3. What body of water is within seconds of the Cabins?

Weaver & Devore Trading Ltd.

  1. How long has Weaver & Devore been in operation?

  2. What are the names of the two men who started Weaver & Devore?

  3. Where can you buy fish nets, traps, and bear deterrent all in one place?

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